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Over 70% said they follow the race via that medium.

News sites and social media have a place in potential voters’ monitoring of developments in France’s presidential race, but February 2017 polling of adult internet users there by OpinionWay Research found over 70% of respondents turned to TV for campaign information, making it the leading source by far.

Leading Information Sources Used by Internet Users in France to Follow the 2017 Presidential Campaign, Feb 2017 (% of respondents)

Digital’s share wasn’t insignificant. News sites were the second most popular option, mentioned by 35% of respondents—just above radio (34%). Social networks were cited by a further 13% and candidates’ websites by 9%.

Approximately one in five used paid print sources, while one in 10 used free print sources.

France’s political news preferences skew somewhat further along the digital scale than in neighboring Germany, which also has a federal election scheduled for this year. In Germany, consumers seem less apt to turn to the internet, and especially unlikely to look to social media, to stay politically informed.

The first round of voting in France’s presidential election will be held on April 23.