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  • Who’s watching: Connected TV consumers are young, ethnically and racially diverse, and likely to live with at least one other person. In fact, various members of these multi-member households engage in Connected TV experiences.

  • What do they use to connect: 45 percent of users connect their TVs to the Internet via multiple devices, and 55 percent use a standalone game console, Blu-Ray™ player, Smart TV, or set-top box.

  • When are they watching: Content consumption varies, but users primarily consume short-form content during the week from noon to 6 PM and streaming TV shows on weeknights and weekends.

  • Where are they watching: Living and family rooms are still the primary venues for watching connected TV.

  • Why do they watch: Connected TV viewers are able to watch the content of their choice— in particular, content that they cannot locate on cable or broadcast channels—at times that are convenient.

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