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Summary of Key Findings

1. Print magazines and while watching a favorite TV show are the two most preferred places to look at an ad.

2. Majority of respondents use social media; over half have liked on behalf of their favorite brands, but also wish there was a dislike button for social media.

3. 68% of consumers find online ads “annoying” and “distracting” and 54% say online banner ads don’t work.

4. “Likes” get attention encourage consumers to “check out” a product, but doesn’t translate to sales.

5. 44% of consumers feel advertising works better on women than men.

6. Consumers and marketing professionals agree that marketing is valued, strategic to business and paramount to driving sales.

Professional advertising is the most effective form of advertising, 27% of marketers believe that user-generated content is the most popular form of online advertising.

8. Advertising/Marketing professionals considered in the bottom professions among consumers – along with actors and dancers; not highly regarded by marketing professionals either.

9. Most marketing is a bunch of B.S., 53% agree.

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