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It’s one thing to know what consumers do on their tablets. But knowing what else they are doing while using tablets is entirely different. Our new report on tablets and multi-tasking examines how tablet owners multi-task, their simultaneous use of TVs and tablets and their interest in In-App advertising, as well as trends in digital usage.

The report helps marketers understand how tablet owners engage in multiple activities. For example, it shows that – at least once in the last seven days – 63% used their device while watching TV. Of these two screen viewers, 28% used their tablets to look up information about a product advertised during a program and 12% bought a product advertised during a show.

We also see that 41% of tablet owners’ TV viewing time is devoted to two screens, and their activities amplify program content in a variety of ways. For instance, at least once in the last seven days:

* 34% of two-screen viewers posted comments on Facebook, Twitter, a blog or another website regarding a show being watched.
* 25% of two-screen viewers visited a network or show’s website, fan-site or app.
* 21% of two-screen viewers obtained information related to a show being watched.

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