Demande d'espaces gracieux

Social media’s popularity continues to grow, connecting people with just about everything they watch and buy. The latest Nielsen insights provide some answers on exactly how powerful this in?uence is on consumer behavior, both online and off.

The value of the time consumers spend online and on social networks and blogs continues to grow, most visible through the in?uence on purchase decisions. For instance, 60 percent of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a speci?c brand or retailer from a social networking site.

As the in?uence of social media – and those using social media – continues to grow, it’s crucial for traditional media, retailers, brands and advertisers to understand how different consumer segments use and share content. Nielsen’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report – Q3 2011” presents a snapshot of the current social media landscape and audiences in the U.S. and other major markets.

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