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Watching video and playing games on tablets brings a world of information and entertainment to tablet owners. In turn, marketers have a world of opportunities to make connections with these consumers. GfK MRI’s iPanel™ Reporter On Video helps make those connections strong with up-to-date insights on tablet owners’ video watching and video gaming activities and their attitudes towards those activities.

63% of tablet owners do not mind seeing ads in video games they play on their tablets … if the games are free.

The report will tell you about tablet owners’:

Video watching on tablets

  • use of tablets to watch TV, movies and other video, and how tablet viewing compares to other devices they own
  • types of content watched on tablets, such as TV programs, full-length movies, movie trailers/clips, music videos, short films, user generated videos and TV previews/clips
  • access to video content on tablets, like streamed or downloaded from internet, free video on demand, live TV broadcast and more
  • online video providers used to watch TV shows, movies or other videos on tablets, such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Hulu/Hulu Plus, iTunes and others
  • feelings about commercials during video-watching on tablets, including customization of ads to interests, ad repetition, placement of ads before content begins, length of ads and free content that is ad supported

Video gaming on tablets

  • use of tablets to play video games compared to gaming on other devices, such as cell/smartphones, desktop/laptop computers, video games consoles and more
  • frequency and location of game playing on tablets
    types of games played, for example action/adventure, arcade, card/board, puzzle, trivia and word games, as well as the names of games, such as « Angry Birds »
  • information sources for new tablet games, such as searching the app store, friends/family, games featured in the app store and more
  • criteria used before downloading games, including price, graphics, genre, control layouts and more
  • amount spent on games
  • feelings towards product placement and ads in games, as well as receiving push notifications from game apps

« This report tells you what matters the most when marketing to tablet owners watching videos and playing games on their tablets, » says Scott Turner, EVP Agency and Advertiser Sales at GfK MRI. « It tells you who they are, what they’re doing and what they think — all in ways that directly tie into marketing and advertising. »

Here are a few of the insights included in the report.

Video watching on tablets:

  • 53% of tablet owners watched video on their tablets in the last 30 days.
  • 17% of tablet owners’ total video watching time was on their tablets in the last seven days.
  • 23% of Millennials’ total video watching time was on their tablets in the last seven days.

Playing video games on tablets:

  • 50% of tablet owners played a video game on their tablets in the last 30 days.
  • 49% of tablet owners’ total video game time was on their tablets in the last 30 days.
  • 54% of tablet owners who played a game on their tablets in the last 30 days played a puzzle game.

Updated and delivered via email four times a year, the GfK MRI iPanel Reporter On Video is the second offering in a series of iPanel topic-specific studies that provide comprehensive, up-to-date insights and trending data on the digital activities and attitudes of tablet and e-reader owners. iPanel Reporter On Tablets and Multi-Tasking, the first in this series, was published last fall.

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