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‘POETIC’– ‘Paid, Owned, Earned: TV’s Influence Calculated’ is an econometric study by Data2Decisions, the leading marketing effectiveness consultancy, and Thinkbox. Published in March 2013, it analysed what brand activities create new, ‘earned’ WoM in addition to the heritage, market and seasonal factors which make up the ongoing ‘base’ level of brand conversation, some of which will have been influenced by previous brand activity. The study examined over half a million data points for 36 brands across three marketing categories – retail, finance, and drink – including data from word of mouth specialists Keller Fay, YouGov’s social media monitor Brandwatch, and data directly from brands.

  • New research reveals drivers of brand word of mouth; TV advertising responsible for 51%.

  • In total, 72% of incremental brand conversation are driveen by paid-for advertising.

  • At least 90% of brand conversations take place offline (in person or on the phone).