Demande d'espaces gracieux

Total advertising expenditures increased 6.5 percent in 2010 and finished the year at $131.1 billion, according to data released today by Kantar Media, the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing information. Ad spending during the fourth quarter of 2010 was up 7.0 percent versus last year, propelled by the long-tail of small advertisers outside the Top 1000.

“The feel good headline is the ad economy grew by 6.5 percent in 2010,” said Jon Swallen, SVP Research at Kantar Media North America. “The more comprehensive assessment is that increased spending has not benefitted all sectors equally. While television media have recouped their losses from the 2009 advertising downturn, several other large segments are still 15 to 20 percent below their 2008 peaks.”

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