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Over one thousand Discovery Viewers were surveyed about their media habits and thoughts concerning advertising in the digital age. The study sought to explore how adoption and usage of new devices and platforms is impacting consumers’ relationship with content and acceptance of advertising.

Additionally, our study focused on iPad owners to see what the habits of early adopters can teach us about the ever-changing media landscape and provide some early indications of changes to come…

While the iPad is still owned by a relatively small portion of the US population, it is estimated by 2014, there will be 61 Million iPad users in the US, representing nearly 19% of the US population. Currently the iPad’s core user base skews towards technology adopters (young males and those in upper income brackets), however, adoption by the early majority and ultimately the masses is expected to evolve quickly.

iPad owners are exploring new ways of consuming media of all types on their tablets and therefore potentially point to how future behavior may shift among the mainstream population over time.

iPad ownership is certainly indicative of early adoption, as one quarter of iPad owners also cite that they own a Roku, Apple TV or Sling Box (vs. 10% of the non-iPad owners). Not surprisingly, 87% of iPad owners have a HD TV set and 64% own a DVR (vs. 45% of the non-iPad owners.

When looking at the future of media consumption, and how marketers and advertisers can successfully reach those who are changing their behavior as new devices emerge, we can look to current iPad users to see what is driving their media usage: The answer is simple – video.

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