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Key Findings Confirm that Television Remains the Dominant Screen

  • Total daily screen time totals just over 9.5 hours for adults 45-54, and 8.5 hours for all other age groups.
  • In-home television still commands the vast majority of screen time, at just under six hours per day for the average adult.
  • While much has been said in the press about consumers discovering “free TV” via the internet, computer video averages only two minutes per day for adults 18+, and only 5.5 minutes per day for adults 18-34.
  • Additionally, video on mobile averages less than 10 seconds per day, and does not register with some demographic cells at all.

TV users are exposed to, on average, 72 minutes of TV ads and promos per day, thus dispelling the common belief that consumers tend to channel hop or engage in other methods of commercial avoidance.

Early DVR owners tend to spend more time with DVR playback than new DVR owners, indicating that late adopters of DVRs, who may have acquired their DVR as part of a cable or satellite package, might be less likely to time-shift.

While television remains the No. 1 medium, computer use has replaced radio as the No. 2 media activity.  Radio is now No. 3 and and print media (including newspapers and magazines) is now in fourth place.

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