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Today, social TV has a whole new meaning. The days of waiting to talk about last night’s TV shows around the water cooler are over. Right at their fingertips (or thumbs), viewers can now use a variety of devices and platforms to chat about programming as it airs. From co-viewing with friends/family to texting, tweeting, downloading apps or visiting online blogs, social TV has expanded beyond the physical space into the virtual world of the digital age. So, how do social interactions and chatter impact and augment TV viewing, brand loyalty and engagement?
The 2012 CTAM co-op study, How Chatter Matters in TV Viewing, investigates the various forms of social and live interaction, including co-viewing behavior, stand-alone and second-screen apps, texting, blogging, and social media activities, as it relates to television and programming. This study will further explore these behaviors including what social viewers chat about, with whom, on what platform, and how it enhances or detracts from their television experience.
This study reveals that social-network conversations about a television show can increase viewership.

It shows a powerful connection between Facebook posts and TV viewing. 

About 49% of women surveyed (and 43% of men) said they began watching a show because their Facebook friends were taking about it on the social network. Twitter conversations prompted more men (16%) to start tuning in than women (14%).