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The French National Trade Union for Television Advertising (SNPTV), which represents the major advertising sales houses of French television channels, has learned from some of its advertisers that they were subject to acts of canvassing by the company Vérimédia, which was reporting an overbilling of advertising spots broadcasted in France compared to their real broadcasting time and was offering advertisers to provide them with a reduction of their television advertising expenses.

Considering that Vérimédias acts are based on wrong and bad faith grounds, the SNPTV has brought a lawsuit before the Commercial Court of Paris, based on misleading advertising and collective disparagement of French advertising sales houses. 

The SNPTV recalls that the rates of television advertising space is not based on the real broadcasting time but based on the designated advertising spot and on the programs slot. This rule, set forth in all French advertising sales houses’ terms and conditions, as well as in contractual and commercial documentation, is commonly applied.

Television is the only media of which advertising space audience is measured differently from other programs, minute by minute, and is known from the following morning, 9am (Médiamat/Médiamétrie). Advertisers and their Media Agencies are then able to follow, day after day, the effectiveness of their television campaign toward their targeted audience.